Adding Older Simulators to XCode

The straight-forward way to add additional Simulators to XCode is via Preferences. XCode 4.5.1 comes preloaded with iPhone/iPad Simulators for SDK 6.0 and the option to download 5.0 and 5.1.

Xcode Downloads List

However other versions are getting little love. If you need to support clients on older versions of iOS this is a problem. Luckily, adding older Simulators to XCode is easy.

NOTE: XCode 4.5 has dropped armv6 support so can no longer be used to develop for iOS <4.3. Adding armv6 simulators such as iOS 4.2 to XCode 4.5 will have no effect, they will simply be ignored.


Find a backup, computer or helpful developer running the Simulator that you need.


Find the Simulator SDKs in the following directory:


If the source XCode installation is an older (pre-AppStore) version the directory will be:



Copy the SDKs you need to your XCode install.


Open XCode and enjoy!

XCode Project Run With Simulator List

TIP: Backup your Simulator directory before Upgrading XCode.

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