First Training Course

Last week I delivered Subsymbolic Software’s first training course, An Introduction to iOS Development. This was delivered on-site at my client’s premises and much learning and merriment was had.


Topic Overview of course
Topic Useful Resources, Reading, Tutorials
Topic Introduction to XCode
Practical Hello World with NSLog
Practical High level OO Design Session
Topic Introduction to Objective C
Topic Memory Management with ARC
Practical Implementation of Earlier Design Problem in Objective C
Topic Simple Debugging
Practical Fixing an Exception
Practical Fixing a Logical Error


Topic Introduction to Interface Builder
Practical Hello World GUI
Topic Adding IBOutlets and IBActions
Practical Counters – Buttons, Steppers, Sliders, Switches
Topic Navigation and Tabs
Practical Primary Colour Tabs
Practical Navigation with Illegal/Legal Buttons
Practical Using Tabs and Navigation Controllers
Topic More on User Input
Topic Static Table Views
Practical Patient Report Form – Static Table View


Topic Common Design Patterns Used in iOS (i.e MVC, Delegates)
Topic Dynamic Table Views
Practical Stock Market Prices – Dynamic Table View
Topic Synchronous Networking
Practical Adapt Previous Practical to get data from RESTful Web Service
Topic Responsive UI, Async Networking, Operation Queues, Blocks
Practical Adapt Previous Practical to be Non-UI Blocking


Topic Testing with OCUnit
Practical Adding OCUnit Tests to Existing Projects
Topic Review, Bringing it all together
Practical Review areas that need further clarification

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