iOS Beginners: How to Create a New Project

In this tutorial we will create a new iPhone project in XCode.

Launch XCode

Select new project

Select template

We select an Empty Application over the other templates to avoid pulling in too much unwanted code. It’s nicer to add the code needed than to delete large swathes of material.

Enter details

  1. Enter a Product Name. This is the name of your application
  2. Enter an Organisation Name. This is your name/company name.
  3. Enter a Company Identifier. This is a unique identifier for you/your company. If you’re not sure what to enter use com.yourname.
  4. Enter a Class Prefix. Objective C doesn’t have namespaces so it is easy to run into name clashes when using external libraries. Having a prefix makes this less likely. Enter the first three letters of your name/company name.
  5. Select iPhone
  6. Press Next

Save project to disk

Select a location for your project and press Create

All Done!

Your have created a project.

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