iOS Beginners: How to Create a Storyboard

In this tutorial we will create a storyboard and connect it to an existing iPhone application. Storyboards allow developers to visually implement application screens and flows. This is easier and faster than doing so in code.

Getting Started

Prerequisites: You will need a non-storyboard application. Refer to How to Create a New Project to make one now.

Create new file

  1. Right click on the PatientPainReport folder in your project
  2. Select New File

Select storyboard

  1. Select User Interface
  2. Select Storyboard
  3. Click Next

Select iPhone

Enter name

Remove manual launch code

  1. Go to the AppDelegate source file
  2. In the didFinishLaunchingWithOptions method, delete everything except the return statement

Connect storyboard to application

All Done!

Your application is now using a storyboard.

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