Emotive for Android

Emotive app

I created Emotive, a fun android app to tell you how emotional your text is. Check it out on the Google Play store.

Emotive tells you how emotional your text is. It assesses the tone and tells you how happy, sad, angry, fearful, surprised and disgusted it is.

Ever started writing a message to your friend and wondered how it sounds? Enter it in Emotive and check. Then use the share button to send it via messages or hangouts. Ever thought “hmmm is that email from my boss a bit angry”? Share the email to Emotive and find out.

Emotive is inspired by psychological research that suggests that the six basic emotions of happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise and disgust are universal. People from completely different backgrounds and cultures (including isolated tribes) can identify these emotions from photographs.

The app is powered by the linguistic analysis engine developed by Uroš Krčadinac as part of Synesketch.

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