A new job!

ddg-icon_256x256 Earlier this year I picked up what was supposed to be a very short contract with DuckDuckGo. However DuckDuckGo was no ordinary client. They do incredible privacy work and I found their vision genuinely inspiring. DuckDuckGo has big mobile plans and when the topic of permanent employment came up, I realised that I wanted stay on and help make those plans a reality. I accepted a full-time job in June!

So after years of consulting, it’s time to wind down Subsymbolic Software Ltd and move on. It’s been fun, I’ve learned a ton and worked with some incredible people. A special thank you goes out to Mike Ritchie from 13coders who was the Software Development Manager at my first big contract and fostered a culture of collaboration and clean code which I will carry through my career.

A Note on Documentation

Code documentation, it can be tedious to write and maintain, what’s a developer to do?

I was asked for my advice on documentation today and realised just how much my approach had changed over the years. In my eager early days of development I thought the mark of a true professional was someone who in addition to taking the time to write quality code, also took the time to document it beautifully. I documented classes and methods religiously and sprinkled my code with helpful inline comments. These days I take a very different approach.
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Carnival of the Mind for iOS

Carnival of the Mind Display The Edinburgh International Science Festival is always an exciting event. This year it was particularly exciting for me as I was contracted to develop an iPad app exploring Auditory Illusions for the interactive Carnival of the Mind display at the City Arts Centre. We will be submitting the app to Apple’s store soon. In the meantime here is a video sneak peak of the user interface.