Tesco Bank Mobile Application

Tesco bank app has a 4.1 rating on the Google Play Store.After spending many months working tirelessly with Tesco Bank to develop their android application, it is wonderful to see it doing so well on the Google Play store. The app has been live since June with many more exciting features in the pipeline.

Great work Tesco Bank! Your app is a credit to the passion and talent in your digital team.

iOS Beginners: How to Create a Simple Table View App

Using a Table View is a quick and easy way to setup a great-looking, albeit simple, form in iOS. Table views provide a fair amount of free functionality including styling, titles, section groupings and scrolling behaviour.

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple form using a static table view.

My iOS7 Beta Deactivation Journey

I have been enjoying iOS7 beta since the WWDC back in June. While I planned to update to the official version, the last beta release was pretty stable so I didn’t feel any particular urgency.

I figured I would do it soon and if I didn’t, apple would prompt (or even force) me to update over-the-air.  What I did not expect was to find my device deactivated. Thanks Apple.

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iOS Seven Beta has Expired and that’s Bad News for those Still Using It

ios7beta_1_activation_requiredFor the brave souls out there who trialled iOS seven beta and haven’t yet updated to the official release, today is a bad day. The beta has just expired and Apple has deactivated devices still using it.

Unfortunately, following device prompts to activate does not currently work. If you had Find my iPhone switched on you may struggle to restore without doing a complete device wipe first.

DevBytes: Intro to ActionBarCompat Support Library


Google has extended Action Bar support for older devices (as early as Android 2.1) via support library 18.

This video provides an overview of how to update your existing app to use the new Action Bar apis and take full advantage of the Action Bar on older devices.

Those of you who have been using the 3rd party library ActionBarSherlock to date will notice that a similar approach has been used by google.

First Training Course

Last week I delivered Subsymbolic Software’s first training course, An Introduction to iOS Development. This was delivered on-site at my client’s premises and much learning and merriment was had.


Topic Overview of course
Topic Useful Resources, Reading, Tutorials
Topic Introduction to XCode
Practical Hello World with NSLog
Practical High level OO Design Session
Topic Introduction to Objective C
Topic Memory Management with ARC
Practical Implementation of Earlier Design Problem in Objective C
Topic Simple Debugging
Practical Fixing an Exception
Practical Fixing a Logical Error

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7 iOS Tips to Help you Avoid Common Memory Mistakes

Apple Memory Management

There is no argument to be had about whether ARC is beneficial. The reduction of boiler-plate memory code, is alone, enough to justify its use. The elimination of issues resulting from objects being incorrectly retained or released also saves developers untold hours debugging weird memory management issues.

However much ARC has simplified matters, issues will still arise if memory management is not adequately understood. These issues commonly fall into two categories, retain cycles and accessing released memory.

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