My name is Mia Alexiou and subsymbolic is home to my technology ideas, rants and ruminations. I am a freelance software engineer and director of Subsymbolic Software Ltd. I specialise in mobile, ios, android and java and I have a passion for travel, running, cycling, gadgets and artificial intelligence.

Prior to freelancing I was an applications architect and software engineer within the mobile research and development division at NCR Corporation. I participated in design, quality assurance and software development across mobile platforms with a particular focus on iOS and Android. I was also the Team Agent for the company’s iOS Enterprise and App Store accounts and the general go-to person for technical mobile apps advice globally.

In the past I have worked as a java/spring engineer leading the development on a mobile web optimisation platform. I have also taught university java and artificial intelligence and worked as a business analyst, a systems trainer and a computer technician.

My research background includes investigating emergent intelligence in autonomous agents and using neural network models of the human visual cortex to investigate binocular rivalry.